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Welcome to Kuraci, a new media company co-founded by Grammy Award-winning artist RAC and the team at Ujo, a blockchain-based digital rights management platform. Ujo is backed by ConsenSys, the leading blockchain venture production studio building decentralized applications on Ethereum.

The idea for Kuraci (pronounced cure-ah-see) emerged from the realization that the music industry lacks a community or space where artists, musicians, and creatives can express themselves outside of the music they produce. Because artists don’t have a readily available platform to express these ideas, they often struggle to control the narrative of their portrayal by the media.

Meaning both “curate” and “cure” in Esperanto, Kuraci is home to thoughts on life, the music industry, politics, technology, and everything in between. Kuraci is a platform run by artists for artists and their fan groups. We can share their stories and explore the issues most important to them – whether it be in the form of op-eds, editorials, reviews, interviews, curated playlists, podcasts, photography, or short stories. Instead of non-musicians writing blog posts about musicians or artists talking about their latest release, it’s the artists’ turn to speak their mind directly to the world.

We hope Kuraci can 1) provide a more human, less algorithmic platform for music discovery and artist-driven discussion, 2) transform the way musicians share information and connect with media platforms, and 3) break down the barriers between artists and fans in order to bring them closer than ever to the music they love.

We’re excited to hit the ground running with Kuraci and see how it can evolve to become the one-stop shop for artists to write about life, music, art, and culture as they see and experience it.

With a strong set of artists already involved in the ideation and production of content, including RAC, Goldroom, HOLYCHILD, Spencer Ludwig, Gigamesh, Two FriendsBig Data,  and more, we are confident that Kuraci will become a space where you, the artist, can speak your mind on anything you feel the world needs to hear.

If you are an artist interested in contributing content to kuraci.io, please fill out this form

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